Sample Essay

What is special about acting in a professional role?

Acting a professional role is special because people in professional roles often have special responsibilities and powers. For example, only a doctor is allowed to prescribe medicines and perform surgery on people. They can also exercise power to keep their patient’s information confidential and are also expected to provide help in case of emergencies. In the similar manner, only an engineer is able to authorize built of certain structures. Apart from a licensed engineer, no one else have the right to determine what gets built (Johnson, 2009).

2.         What is special about strongly differentiated professional roles?  Is the role of computer professional a strongly differentiated role?

The strongly differentiated profession roles give special powers and responsibilities to people who work in such roles. These responsibilities or powers are exceptions to ordinary morality. For example, a lawyer has the right to keep information confidential and they cannot be forced to reveal the information given to them by the client under any circumstances. The role of a computer professional is not a strongly differentiated role. This means that a computer professional does not acquire any special powers or responsibilities (Johnson, 2009).

3.         What is meant by the “efficacy” of professionals?

The work of a professional affects the world around them. That is, their work can result in creation of new or improve product, provide beneficial services to other or can create risks to society as well. This power to have some positive or negative affect on the world represents their efficacy (Johnson, 2009).

4.         What characteristics are usually associated with professions?

While there is no strict definition, there are five characteristics that are often associated with the professions. First, professions require expertise in an arcane body of knowledge that is usually acquired through higher education. Also, people in professions typically enjoy a lot of autonomy in their work. Also, professions normally have a single, formal organization which is recognized by the state or federal government and may control admission to the profession and also provide guidelines for standard practice of the profession. Professions also have a code of ethics while they are also usually taken to accomplish an important social purpose (Johnson, 2009).

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