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Essay: The concept of poor body image does not necessarily stem directly from the media frenzy of today. It more or less has taken root in every culture throughout history. People have had a distinct apprehension of what is definably appealing and considered good-looking in every period as time has progressed. Initial propagations may have been done by Kings, their jesters, and members of the elite class but their always was an innate appreciation of beauty.

Rich texts of history go to great lengths in describing chiseled males with shapely noses and high cheekbones as womanly objects of desire. Shakespeare himself indulged in such displays of articulacy when it came to describing individual male or females which he considered as beautiful. Given the popularity of his works, he may himself be responsible for indicating to the public what may or may not be regarded as acceptably appeasing to the eyes. However, where his depiction of ideologies differs to those that are widely circulated today is in the level of artistic flair.

Later unscientific years also gave rise to unfavorable fashionable trends. The 19th century for example, saw the advent of the corset, being considered modern and fashionable where as in reality it brought with it a wealth of breathing and digestive problems (Fox, 1997).

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