Sample Essay

Everyone has some viewpoints about the creator of nature, fortune and destiny. Differing opinions about spirituality covering symbols, conviction and practices lead a person to behave in a certain way which represents the religion of a person. All the religions have their own concepts but they cannot avoid certain specific questions whose answers make the basis of all the religions.

The concept of God in Buddhism refers to believe neither God nor gods. Buddhists do not believe in supremacy of a single supreme being. They believe in their mind which helps them for mind, ethical conducts, inner purity, and mental development etc. They believe in eight fold path which describes the way which ends up all sufferings. This explains right execution of view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration (Smith).

In Jainism they also don’t believe in supremacy of God. They believe in the series of births and death where soul rejects the power of sin and achieve liberation. Karma shifts these souls to the matter rotating the series of lives and deaths. Nine Tattvas or principles are vital to be followed in Jainism which includes Jiva, Ajiva, Asrava, Bandh, Punya, Papa, Samvara, Nirjara, and Moksha. All these nine principles explain the soul, nonliving substance, cause of influx of karma, bandage of karma, virtue, sin, arresting of influx of karma, its accumulated exhaustion, and total liberation of karma (Smith).

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