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Essay: Concept of Persuasion | Term Paper Queen

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Persuasion is mainly concerned to win others and their favors. Propaganda is also seen as a part of persuasion. Propaganda has been the most useful and effective tool used by politicians, religious and political groups, clerics, and journalists. It is a well-weaved set of messages that is presented before people to win their sympathies, emotions and favors. It also tends towards the road of creating prejudices and setting people against each other. Propaganda is, therefore a form of deceitful persuasion that has been used to mislead people.

The historic instance of deceitful persuasion was witnessed at the murder of Julius Caesar when he was murdered, according to the conspirators behind Caesar’s murder, for the purpose of saving Rome from a future dictator. Mark Antony, friend of Caesar, used deceitful persuasion to win the sympathies of the people and leading them against the conspirators. The sincerity of Antony was unquestionable but he used the situation for his own good. His remarkable speech at Caesar’s funeral reached at the peak of emotions when he removed the cloak from Caesar’s body to show the people twenty seven holes by the daggers of the conspirators in the body of Caesar. Antony, through his vivid oratory persuaded people towards the direction of his own liking.

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