Sample Essay

The conceptual framework basically is defined as a systematic presentation of the researcher’s study of key concepts (notions), theoretical assumptions, hypotheses and research questions. Its main purpose is to present and/or argue for the essential concepts (notions) involved in the phenomenon under investigation, the posited/speculated relationships among the concepts, other major assumptions and the hypotheses or research questions involved in the study.

In practice, a conceptual framework is a guide to the researcher’s investigation and basically provides some concrete directions for the research (what to do), the explanatory tools (theoretical lens) to interpret data and the concrete (operationalized) meanings of concepts (usually expressed in technical terms) involved in the investigation. In relation to the previous section presented in this research proposal, this part discusses the key topics presented in the literature review which includes how an appropriate and effective organization design plays an important function in IT Risk Management (ITRM) of multinational global financial institutions as well as provides an overview of the framework and how the different concepts in the framework interrelate with one another.

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