Sample Essay

Another point of importance is that there are people in the US with criminal backgrounds who would be benefitted by the services of these criminals and might try and help them escape and then use the skills of these people for their advantage. An example is the Mafia.

Guantanamo Bay strikes terror among would be criminals and terrorists. Just the fact that a criminal would have to serve time in a prison that is renowned for using measures that are highly painful would cause such a person to have second thoughts about engaging in terrorist activities. Now that the prison is going to be closed, these terrorists would have less to fear from the US government and may develop the perception that they might escape with less harsher penalties. The important factor here is not whether they receive less strict sentences for their actions. What is important is that the fear of such a painful consequence is removed from their minds and they are more likely to go ahead with their foul plans. Therefore, closing the Guantanamo Bay will definitely cause these criminals to be less fearful about what might happen to them and they will have more incentive to harm the lives of US citizens whom they have always hated. It follows that the closing of the prison increases the threat to US homeland security.

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