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Essay: Most of the political scientist, constitutional specialist and scholars believes that this system would create problem for the nation a disaster is about to happen. The primary criticism that the electorate college system face from the experts is that they say this system is undemocratic. The reason they preset in saying this undemocratic is because it represents the voters unequally and most of the times the smaller states gets biased results.

Apart from that it also interjects an elite body of electors between the voters and the actual election of the president. They also believe that the practice of Electoral College winner to take all is inappropriate and instead of that the popular vote division would be a far better option. More over the advocates of the electorate college system are not successful in presenting a rationale according to which this system should be continued. According to them this should be continued because it has been in the system for a long time. As we have discussed before that because of this system the smaller states are left deprived reasons being the candidates plan their campaigns in such a way which pays more attention towards the bigger states leaving behind the smaller states. Similarly the candidate spent most of their time and energy in large states because there is where the majority of the electorate votes are present (Welch).

Just for instance a vote margin in Pennsylvania capitulate twenty one votes for the winning candidate as compared to three votes in Nebraska and this the reason why candidates spent much time in larger states. This also gives us the view that the candidates are much more concern about the states rather than the people living in those states.

Another reason why this system should be abolished is because the founding fathers didn’t wanted the process of popular election to be the final verdict and to eliminate this system of Electorate College was created so that the elite class should be handling the helm of affairs for the presidency and electing the president. The role of southern states were also minimized reason being they were slave holding states and the only way to do this was to establish the electorate system (Welch).

Another flaw which is observed in this system is that at the time when this system was developing the founding fathers had a believe that the Electoral College would have most of the powers, but they didn’t anticipated the development of political parties or the creation of a political environment where the popular vote would have more influence over its counter opponents.

In recent times the 2000 presidential election experienced a similar kind of a situation where the candidate was chooses on the basis of electoral college although they had had not won the popular vote. After that there were calls to eliminate this system but these calls went nowhere and the system still remains intact.

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