Sample Essay

The aim is to convert the current ‘lose-lose’ conflict between Arabs and Jews into a ‘win-win’ peaceful outcome for both sides, which requires dismantling Palestinian institutions, reeducating Palestinians about the historical facts of Jews and Israelis. Furthermore, a resettlement solution in which the Palestinians are sent somewhere else this is supposed to be phased, peaceful and long-term. It should be conducted in an orderly and planned way, with full compensation for any left behind property, and with new land, housing, employment, and general infrastructure provisions enabling the resettled communities to get a respectable standard of living.

In Israel, political groups like Anarchists against the Wall, Israeli National Traitor Anarchists, and Amoria have been advocating a solution that suggests no two-state vs. one-state settlement. Amoria, a strong intentional community states that they wish to create in Kna’an (Canaan), the land which is called Israel by some and Palestine by others. Furthermore, anarchists are of the opinion that people in the region are anarchists and they are opposed to the state system that oppresses all people on the planet and the planet itself. Hence, they all suggest that we sidestep this semantic political conflict by advocating not a one-state solution, or two-state solution, but a NO-state solution in the Land of Canaan (Bickerton and Klaunsner).

The ultimate solution to this seems vague from this point since the Palestinian’s and Israeli’s perceptions are on opposite nodes from one another.