Sample Essay

Beginning in 1948 conflict between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East over the land of historic Israel and Palestine is known as Arab-Israeli Conflict. This difference has led to several wars. Since 1979 several peace accords have been signed in order to address the conflict (Jones).

Ever since the Jews persecution by the Nazis, to call their home, the Jewish refugees were required to search for a land. What well gained land to chose but land that God had graced upon them from their foundation? The land of Palestine was their choice (Guardian ) .This invasion of Arabs land by Jews aggravated the sense of hatred and anger towards Jew. The mistreatment of Jews in Europe could not push Arabs to give up their land for Jews. This led to numerous battles for control of towns and cities of Palestine. Palestine was controlled by Britain at that time, but the flaring temper of Jews and Arabs was uncontrollable. Feeling the aftermath of World War II, its forces were pulled out of Palestine and put into the hands of the United Nation. The UN tried in turn the separation of land between Jewish and Arab states.

Introducing the Jews in Palestine was power exertion by the western nations, is the Arabs perception (Israel-Palestina).UN was not actually exerting undue power but was just trying to help Jews find home. It was quite unintelligent move to place them in Palestine. UN continued to place the Jews on Arab territory, although they knew that Arabs would feel outraged. The UN may have a problem solving approach, but such sensitive decisions need to be thought out carefully before implementing a proper strategy. UN could have an idea that these two groups cannot live together with harmony and peace. UN placed two groups together, with good intentions, which resulted in war from then on until now.