Sample Essay

The internal conflict between Yoast and Boone soon disappears once their team begins to win their matches. Boone is seen to be very open and flexible when it comes to his players. The coaches work well in sync for most of the film. Yoast often find himself deferring to Boones leadership.

However it is only by their final game that both coaches truly get to shine and show the best of themselves. Boone of course is by this time a commanding presence who has an emotional connection to his players. Coach Yoast at this point challenges the status quo giving up his spot in the hall of fame to ensure that his team gets the victory. By the end of the film both Coaches have a Commanding Leadership style. They both know how to motivate their players and get the best out of them. And they realize enough to stay out of each other’s way and trust the other to do their jobs. Such leadership becomes crucial to their victory. And when they do succeed in winning it shows how leadership can go a long way in ending interpersonal conflicts and creating brilliant opportunities for everyone.

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