Sample Essay

The expansion of factory, its staff and workers occurred. This organizational change required having prediction and idea of future as well; therefore Porsche defended its integrity by maintaining the consistency and feat giving special attention to the quality control. The symbolic of style and consistent quality Porsche cars were awarded with four quality control certificates for each of their produced car. These certificates commended on transmission, locomotives, vehicle assessment, and dimensions. Hence Porsche achieved its growth and survival both plus revenue of DM 108 million for a year (Porsche AG, 2008).

The successful decade of 60s ended with the introduction of many new models and technical expansions. It had strategically started its joint venture with Piech families. Its revenues expanded to 900 millions. The other steps it took are the research and development works initiated by the organization in order to grow. The boom continued in 70s and 80s as well which were marked by the growing export markets. Japan and USA imported a greater part of its production; hence making a big market. The profit went on to billions (Porsche AG, 2008).

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