Sample Essay

Among the women in Turkey another survey was also taken in 2003 which represented the contraceptive methods used by women before pregnancy from 1999-2003. The results showed that 53% percent of these women employed the traditional method, which as mentioned before is known to have a high failure rate. Among the rest of the population 23% of women used the modern method while 24% used no method whatsoever (Dabash & Roudi-Fahimi, 2008).

Despite the benefits mentioned above it should also be mentioned that there are risks to every women even if the abortions undertaken are done safely in a medical setting. The primary reasoning against abortion is again a religious one. While it is true that abortions are technically allowed in Islam in many cases, the religious and social upbringing of these women may not allow them to accept their decision psychologically even if they go through the procedure. Such an action can have serious mental impact on these women if they are not prepared to handle them. Feelings of suicide, depression and religious guilt may arise. Additionally, it may also be more advantageous for governments to promote family planning rather than abortions. Though abortions may have widespread support, prevention of pregnancies is a far more cost effective option than ending them. Additionally, the use of contraception’s in Islam does not share the same illegal status and social stigmatism that abortion does. 

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