Sample Essay

Core Concept 1: The only characteristic common to all forms of deviance is that some social audience challenges or condemns a behavior or an appearance because it departs from established norms.

My parents never approved of me abandoning the culture and traditions of my family in favor of those followed by the people in my community. I would challenge them at every turn in order to avoid family gatherings and ceremonies. When I left my home I would avoid my parents’ phone calls for years in an effort to leave behind their insistences on my adopting family values and accepting my heritage.

Core Concept 3: When socialization fails to produce conformity, other mechanisms of social control—sanctions, censorship, or surveillance—may be used to convey and enforce norms.

In order to instill values within me that they found to be acceptable my parents would often dole out punishment. They would limit my movements and not allow me to converse with my friends for weeks. They would take away my privileges in regards to going out. They would also deprive me of my weekly allowance until I would relent in my pursuits and accept their ideas as my own. They would continuously try to instill in me the values that they believed would serve me well later on in life.

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