Sample Essay

Meanwhile, BAE Systems conducted the following corporate responsibility programs in the United Kingdom:

  • Blind driving that helped more than 60 blind and partially sighted Saudis.
  • A new engineering college was set up by the company. The purpose of this company is to encourage more engineering graduates who will join the workforce in the future.
  • CSR sports. The company also sponsored major sports events in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, BAE Systems established partnership with the Saudi government through its Health Ministry in helping combat meningitis scare (BAE Systems 2001). This health program benefited thousands of Saudi nationals who needed special vaccines.

The company implemented the Safety, Health and Environment teams (SHE), whose goal is to provide important health information to its places of operation, which include Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

The kind of services that these teams provide are as follows:

  • A database of SHE best practice
  • A library of material safety data sheets
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Regular Safety Bulletins
  • A help desk.

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