Sample Essay

Unfortunately it must be said that the true fallibility of the writer’s research lies in the methodology which has been employed in order to ascertain the correlation between schizophrenia and pre natal exposure to pyelonephritis. While in theory the methodology is sound and cost effective, the primary analysis of the data requires the consideration of all patient data provided to be factual. While it is true that the chosen sample was quite large and the comparison subjects were also suitably large. Other variables such as age of incidence, sex, marriage, occupation, personal relationships, and previous mental health status were not taken into account. Additionally, the study admits it limitations concerning the absence of data regarding the number of therapies and medications prescribed to the individuals, as well as the antibiotics prescribed to the mothers during their pregnancies.

Not only does the primary diagnosis of schizophrenia employ the use of outdated diagnostic criteria, but also does not allow for the supposition of a misdiagnosis on the part of the attending psychiatrist. Additionally, while the logistic regression model which has been employed to assess the data is competent enough to assess the risk factors for the incidence of the disease. The employment of Discriminant analysis estimators also seems warranted.

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