Sample Essay

Kingship is an African case and Egypt has the same custom from ancient times which we do not see in the West. The killing of rulers was a custom in Egypt and in Africa.

Cosmogony is yet another thing i.e. Africans and Egyptians are Negro cosmogonies. There is a great resemblance between them. Their customs, their climate, etc. and if one want to know about the Egyptians it would be proved that their thinking, customs, rituals, traditions each and everything is like the Black Africans. Hence they both are one nation (Acomolafe 2008).

Social organization of Egypt and Africa are alike. Antique Egypt had cast of agricultural labors, other labors, pastors, warriors and king. Africa has a social system consisting of agricultural labors, other labors, pastors, warriors, king (Acomolafe 2008).

Matriarchy is common in both Egypt and Africa from ancient times. Some parts of the west have matriarchic system of governance but besides that almost every part of West is strictly patriarchic. The western educationists and scholars are still not admitting their lie (Acomolafe 2008).

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