Sample Essay


The basic objective of classes held at the church school for which a cost analysis of supplies is performed is to enable students to excel in communication, music and acting skills. Classes conducted at the school cover four main areas to achieve this objective. The four skill sets taught to students include speech, drama, vocal and piano classes. The material required for these classes and related costs for the material and resources required are covered in this report. An analysis of costs and quality of items was performed by conducting a research of various sources. The recommendations based on this research are highlighted in the following sections.


The first area of study in this school covers speech development and enhancing public speaking and debating skills. According to a course outline developed by Madison city board of education the materials required for speech classes include a three-ring binder with dividers, college ruled loose leaf papers, pens or pencils, sticky pads, markers or colored pencils and poster boards as required. The book required for speech is Speech for Effective Communication – second edition (Williams, 2007). The best recommendations regarding prices and quality of these items are outlined in the following table.

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