Sample Essay

The therapist may have personal issues where she feels that areas of her life have been left unfinished such as taking care of dependents such as children and needs of recognition where people tell her how important she is to them. In this case if the therapist keeps the patient dependent on herself then counter transference is being expressed related to unfinished business where work of the therapist is affected through personal experiences and unsatisfied needs (Corey, 2008).

Countertransference issues need to be resolved by therapists and counselors in order to preserve an open and effective relationship with the client. The therapists need to be aware of feelings of clients and their personal reactions to these feelings. In order to maneuver positive and negative transference therapists should maintain an impartial attitude with respect to clients. If issues of countertransference exist the quality and objectivity of therapy is affected adversely. Therapists need to resolve these issues so therapy can be performed quite effectively and efficiently (Tobin & McCurdy, 2006).

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