Sample Essay

Along with the drug screening the offenders are required to have regularly scheduled visits with the probation officer. The visits are meant to keep the officer informed of the probationer’s progress in the community. During these visits the officer asks questions about their whereabouts previous to their last visit. They are also asked if they have committed any crimes or been involved in any unlawful activity. The response to these answers would be based solely on trust.

Another guideline the offender must follow is to have a full time job or to be currently enrolled as a full time student (Leonard, 2002).

County restriction is another form of deterrence that is used. Restriction basically means that the offender cannot leave the county unless the officer is notified and agrees with decision. Keeping the offenders from being able to just get up and run away from what they have done makes sure their whereabouts are to keep them from making bad decisions. It is also a form of punishment, because the offenders have committed a crime and they are being punished just like a mother would punish her child for bad behavior, restriction or just being grounded.

The probation system is different in every state but overall the system is good for society and for corrections of first time offenders and for smaller crimes. Being one of the cornerstone states of America in respect to the enforcement of the correctional system Florida lies with 71,319. In probation Florida lies closely behind with 237,117 compared to New York and Texas (Merritt, 2007).

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