Sample Essay

Generally pharmaceuticals have been reluctant to operate in developing countries primarily because of the uncertainties when it comes to their patent protection.

However, one of the managerial concerns is the prospect in these developing countries as these are the emerging economies and growing markets.

One managerial advantage for companies to operate in developing countries could be the lower R&D costs. In these countries, the scientists can more quickly find patients for clinical trials as these areas are densely populated. This way a substantial amount of time taken in the drug development process can be saved. (González-Benito, 30)

The issue that occurs here is that testing drugs in poor countries gives rise to ethical concerns. Then dealing with the pharmaceutical critics becomes both a managerial concern and issue. These critics come up with claims that companies have failed to develop cures and only test drugs in the developing world intended for wealthy nations. (Lou Ann Di Nallo, 2008)

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