Sample Essay

The chapter entitled Hobbes criticizes Thomas Hobbes’ views on sociology and psychology and explains his work as quite unappealing not only to specific individuals but to society as a whole (Palmer, 2000).  The author explains that Hobbes was a sort of person who experimented in almost everything and presented his thoughts on a variety of issues based on simplistic and absolutist explanations.

I agree with the author on the point though Hobbes tried his skills at everything he could not effectively accomplish what he set out to do and faced a lot of opposition from various sections of the society. Hobbes was quite awry in his views on works of other people as he simply disregarded the theories which he could not explain and formulated his own assumptions on the subject as he handled Descartes’ dualism simply by rejecting dualism. In my opinion the theories presented by Hobbes may seem quite relevant in a variety of cases but practical evidence and experience does not prove these theories in continuum but limited to specific cases or events. According to the author the ideas presented by Hobbes his book Leviathan were most popular and focus of the book was selfishness and portrayal of powers of the state over individuals.

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