Sample Essay

While there are many sources available in electronic and non-electronic form, a large number of them either do not provide any new information or are inaccurate. Hence in order to gain correct and sufficient knowledge, it is important to understand and judge the quality of the resource which is being utilized. In the following lines critiques of two resources, one web-based and the other non web-based, is presented which would be helpful in understanding their usefulness.

Source Type: Book

Title: Stress Management for Life: A Research-Based, Experiential Approach

Stress Management for Life: A Research-Based, Experiential Approach is a text book written by Michael Olping and Margie Hesson, aimed at health sciences students studying topics related to stress management.  The book is well organized into different section, with each section dealing with different aspect of stress management. Each reading in the book is followed an additional reference to articles, books and websites which can be used to explore the context in which the source was used, in greater detail. The purpose of this book is to provide an alternative approach to learning about stress management, in contrast to other books on the same topic. The book finds it use among not only students but with anybody who wants to manage stress in their life. Though the book is made to appear light through inclusion of graphics, tables and other interactive activities, the length of the book as well as the theory can sometime take away the interest of the reader. The small font size of the book also seems to be appropriate for only students. The book serves as a comprehensive guide to stress management and release for the reader. However, the practical approach taken by the book also means that the books lacks the in-depth theoretical discussion on the topics related to stress management as well as the latest knowledge which would make students aware of the latest trend in the profession of stress management. Hence, it cannot serve as the only text book for specialized courses. The book can be deemed as a credible source as the credential of its authors is impressive. Michael Olpin is University Professor in Health Promotion and Human Performance while Margie Hesson is a registered nurse and a University instructor, with significant amount of experience related to stress management behind her. Its publisher, Cengage Learning, is also known academia and industry for publishing good books on Health related topics, however, the book itself is quite expensive at $109 which seems unreasonable gauging from the fact the book is aimed at students which often take out loans to study, thus this book will create significant financial burden on them (Olpin & Hesson, 2009).

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