Sample Essay

Essay: In the same line of action comes the CRM which has become mandatory now days for businesses. The usage of the CRP application depends from organization to organization as per the nature of their business. In some cases it is used in collaboration with other systems that are being used in the business previously, otherwise it can be used unaided as well.

The reason why organizations pays so much attention towards CRM applications is because it helps to create a positive, personal, and efficient experience with that customers and increase the chances that the customer will return for time and again (Greenberg, 2009).

The functionality of CRM depends from company to company with their requirements. Some of the common functions of a CRM application include lead generation for the sales team, performance tracking, planning of daily meeting and conventions etc (Radu, 2003).

Most of the CRM systems have a large range of features that are used by businesses for different purposes according to the nature of the organization. Apart from that the CRM system helps in tailoring the databases with the information that best serves the company’s requirement (Kincaid, 2003).

Another feature of the CRM system is that it also provides the facility of task managing inside the organization. This system helps the managers to keep track of the employee’s performance and continuously monitor the progress as far as task completion is concerned (Radu, 2003).

Some of the functions of the CRM system are independent means that these tasks are predefined, some examples in this regard can be given of sending of memos which have to be send to the employees on daily basis. Similarly scheduling and planning meetings which are conducted regularly are also task of the CRM application.

In short we can say that the CRM application provides a complete package for the organizations and they can get maximum benefits out of it by using it to the best interest of the organization (Greenberg, 2009).

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