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Steganography refers to the hiding of information inside a carrier medium, which can be a text or graphics, in such as way that it can only be read by the intended receiver. Though the purpose of steganography is to hide the existence of information, however, if someone suspect the medium, the there is a high chance that the message embedded through steganography would be extracted easily. In order to reduce the chances of this suspicion and successful extraction of information, encryption can be used in combination with steganography. The data can be first encrypted using an encryption algorithm which is know to both sender and receiver of the information. Steganography is then used to hide this encrypted information inside an image or text. The use of encryption makes it much more difficult for an unintended recipient to suspect the medium of containing any hidden information (Artz, 2001).

An Example of Steganography

Consider the follow piece of text

This piece of text does

wonders to the whole novel.

The plot of the novel

does not contain a hidden

agenda and the writer does

a great job of conveying his


This text seems to be a extract of review of a piece of novel. However, it is an example of steganography and contains a sentence consisting of ten words. Although it seems to describe the quality of text if read as a whole paragraph, however contains a text which has been embedded using a set of rules, hence, can be classified as a piece of null cipher. On reading first and every third line, it becomes clear that it contains the text ‚ÄúThis piece of text does not contain a hidden message”.

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