Sample Essay

During the Bush administration and thereafter the reasons given for the increasing restrictions placed on Cuba were based on the theory that such restrictions would enable true change. Their thoughts were that the Cuban government could be pressured into changing its system of governing.

Moving forward President Obama is neither looking towards the present nor the past. He is looking towards the future, the future of the Cuban people. The true test here is not whether the President can major change in their governmental systems. The true test is whether the relations between Cuba and the United States can improve to a point where future governments can be influenced to adopt a policy more in line with U.S interests(Wiener).

The recent olive branch by the Obama administration extended to the Cuban President has created an opportunity to come to diplomatic terms with the United States. It may also lead to negotiations which would ease the suffering and poverty of the Cuban people, free political prisoners and open up the press. This would eventually lead to businesses in the United States such as farmers and oil entrepreneurs to taking their companies to Cuba bringing improvements to its economy. Perhaps one day the changes may be so broad that a freely democratic elected government may also emerge. However, such an event will not occur if the American administration continues to be stubborn about its tactics(CNN).

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