Sample Essay

The computers today are amongst the most essential technology accessories which include other things as well like television, weapons, etc. The cultural changes refer to the change in common practices of people living in a culture. Common use of personal computers has brought out a change on a public level. With the progress of technology everyone has started expecting more and more, even a low-class family would need a PC, and if a middle class or high class family is there, then a PC per head is in demand. Every person has started keeping a bigger circle of friends and he keeps in touch very easily with everyone of them.

The extensive usage of anything does not increase the price, rather the price decreases and that thing becomes affordable. This affordability allows people to use the PCs in different areas e.g. education. Now people think that if a child would take a PC with himself to school, it will be the key to his better learning. But researches have proved that the PCs of children should not remain unchecked otherwise it would be equally negative as the watching television programs untiringly (Dr. David Walsh, 2007). The investors regularly check the stocks; youngsters keep themselves updated with the latest scores, or result statistics, children seek help for their homework and studies (Purdy, 2008).

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