Sample Essay

White people could not find any evidences to counter with the Diop’s statements. His proofs included totemic system, circumcision, kingship, cosmogony, social organization, matriarchy, kinship of meiotic Sudan and Egypt, geography (Acomolafe 2008).

Another work of Cheikh Anta Diop is the cultural unity of black Africa: The Domains of Patriarchy and of Matriarchy in Classical Antiquity. This work was translated in English by 1990. In this work he discussed the concept of matriarchy and patriarchy. This work proved to be a very important proof of European contact with some of the lands of Africa. Now matriarchy and patriarchy are two kinds of family systems, which would prove the reality in state of colonialism and victimization done by the west and their liaison with the climatic and environmental conditions. A theory of universal matriarchy is challenged by Diop. He says that geographically the world is parted into two categories which climatically require either the matriarchy or the patriarchy systems (Orlando 2009).

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