Sample Essay

Economists have provided many policies for the cure and causes of unemployment. It is an indication of an unhealthy society which has its potential workers unemployed. These potential workers may be clerks, inventory managers, or some well-educated individuals. We should also examine the incentives for what the employers are seeking their employees, and also what individuals are expecting from employers. Sometimes these small factors become the reason for not being selected (Block 1981).

In Cyndia Zwahlen’s article there have been predictions about how long this unemployment issue will continue. Dr. Thomas A. Mroz discusses the effects of unemployment on the youth. This is the fact that young people are the most energetic individuals in getting trained for a job, yet they are the ones who have got the highest rate for being unemployed. A young individual can suffer a lot if he does not get recruited somewhere, this would probably effect his future immensely. The perpetrators behind this include taxes, monetary policies and other different expenditures. If a person loses his job, he would be offered less incentives. Obviously a person is not gaining any experience which would lead to his future unemployment. The reason is that in the recession calamity if a firm hardly needs any contender to join them, there is a long list of experience requirements to get the job. Sometimes the youngsters try to replace the post of experienced people as they don’t know that experienced individuals are an asset to the organization. Therefore, not only organizations should acquire fresh graduates but also the youngsters should go where they can be fit in (Mroz and Savage 2001).

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