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Essay: Child trafficking could be defined as the recruitment of underage children for the purpose of exploitation. Sex tourism is widely spread in the world but the hub from where the child offenders get to facilitate themselves for sex tourism is Africa. Child tourism is increasingly growing in Africa due to the poor-socio-economic conditions. In this paper we shall discuss the current status quo of the exploitation of children by their families for the purpose of sex tourism in Africa and people who are involved in smuggling of children.  Moreover we shall also discuss the role of government to counter the gangs that are involved in sex tourism.

Sex trafficking in Africa:

African countries are greatly contributing in the sex tourism that leads into an adverse situation of child trafficking. The current status quo of the African sex tourism is greatly and widely associated with the poverty in the region.  Poverty is widely spread in the South African countries that persuade parents to trade their children for sex tourism in order to get the income for the food. Burgeoning trade of children is so common and evident in the South African societies that people take it almost positive and without harm. Children from South African countries are gathered in Cape Town either kidnapped and pressurized for sex tourism or exploited by the parents for the purpose of earning money out of smuggling the children to other countries (Jones).

A number of children get trafficked both for sex and for other labor purposes within the country and across borders. According to a research due to HIV/Aids many children are orphaned and due to this they get exposed for trafficking. Internal trafficking occur with the advent of many parents sending their children to the urban part of the country on the basis of the promises made to them for their child’s education. Most of the young girls are trafficked out of the country to various parts of Europe, Middle East and USA for commercial sex.

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