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Both countries, says Subhan, paid a certain price to sustain this relationship[1]In spite of the fact that Saudia Arabia is regarded as the ‘custudian of Islam’s two holy mosques[2]’ it looked for its security and stability to a country which had been a strong supporter and ally of Israel[3]. The Muslims have frequently expressed their concern for the callousness of the United States towards the interests of the Muslims and the Arab region.

On the other hand the U.S had to approve the Saudi propagation of fundamental doctrines and their ‘giving a demeaning position to women and regularly trampling on human rights of different sections of its society’[4]. Despite the incessant criticism of the relationship between the two countries, the relationship continued successfully as it was for the interest of their countries. The events of September 11, says Subhan conclusively, ‘tore asunder the links that had bound these unlikely allies together’ and the critics of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia were given the opportunity to ‘stigmatise’ the image of Saudia Arabia and ‘ensure that the ties would not be re-sewn in a hurry’[5]. The neo-conservatives, who were a part of the Bush administeration, the media and the intelligentsia of the United States, were fortunate to have the chance to play their role in deteriorating and then rebuilding the image of Saudia Arabia which was to fit in the frame of their political agendas.

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