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Sample Cystic Hygroma Essay

Since my early childhood I have been in and out of hospitals quite frequently. I suffer from a medical disorder known as Cystic Hygroma which is quite similar to normal cysts with the only difference being its innate nature. I was born with this disease and surgery was performed 2 hours after my birth to remove cystic hygroma. I have studied the disease and related research to search for any advancement in the cure for this disease.

I have undergone seven surgeries for the disease throughout my life and have become quite familiar with the functions and procedures in a hospital as I had the chance to interact with doctors and nurses during my stays at the hospital.

In the early years of my visit to these hospitals I saw doctors and nurses performing their duties and helping others in treating various diseases and easing out the pain.

The gratitude in the eyes of recovering patients made me feel that doctors can spread joy and happiness just by performing their duties.

The frequent visits to the hospital inspired me to set my aims at an early age to become a doctor and help others. Further interactions with doctors, nurses and patients strengthened my ambitions of becoming a doctor.

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