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Das Gupta’s Concept of ‘space making’ Versus ‘place taking’ politics:-

Das Gupta’s concept of the politics of space making and place taking are important in the discussion of the rights of the immigrants and the impact of the aspects like race, gender, sexuality and class that correspond to the obstacles for the immigrants in alien countries.

Monish Das Gupta’s book ‘Unruly Immigrants: Rights, Activism, and Transnational South Asian Politics in the United States’ is a fertile ethnography that describes the practices of South Asian American organizations and how the rights of the immigrants are conceived and studied in the United States. She emphasizes the way the organizations are trying to claim ‘rights as immigrants, not citizens, in order to challenge the various forms of exploitation unleashed in this current phase of globalization’ (Gupta, 2006, p. 4). There she makes the distinction between ‘space making’ and ‘place taking’ clear. The different organizations, she finds out, are attempting to get the citizens the rights as improved wages or protection from violence but ignore to claim the rights as equal citizens. ‘Citizenship for immigrants’, says Gupta, ‘guarantees their place in the national community or their rights’ that must accompany the ‘access’ of the migrants to have ‘civil, political, social, and economic rights’ (Gupta, 2006, p.14). Gupta argues that the organizations demand the rights for the immigrants not for a ‘place’ as citizens but for their recognition of basic rights as migrants. She maintains that ‘over the last three decades, we have been able to denaturalize gender, race and sexuality so that we can see them as principles that organize power relations in society’ and she demands to see citizenship as ‘similar structure of power’ (Gupta, 2006, p. 256-7).  She argued that the immigrations must be provided the rights equal to the citizens.

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