Sample Essay

4.1 Introduction

Data analysis is an important part of any research. Through data analysis a researcher is able to extract key information which helps him or her in generating the findings of the research. This analysis is performed on the data that has been collected through the primary and secondary data sources using the appropriate data collection tools that were selected for the research.

The primary aim of this chapter is to highlight important aspects of the implementation and operation of ERPs in SMEs which can be used to generate findings for this research upon which the framework of technical considerations, which is the goal of this research, can be formed. These technical consideration are important to SMEs in today’s age as SMEs are readily adopting ERP solutions for their own benefits, but the lack of knowledge with regards to the technical considerations that should be made in ERP selection, restrict the implementation of ERPs in SMEs from reaching their maximum potential. The recommendations of this research which would be based on the findings of this research will be helpful in making the selection criteria more comprehensive, thus keeping the Cost-of-Ownership for ERP reduced, which is very beneficial for the SMEs.

4.2 Details on the Questionnaire Used

The questionnaire used in this research comprised of 21 questions of short and descriptive nature which were placed in separate sections. Each of the sections has equal number of questions. This survey questionnaire contains questions that require information about how various technical features of the ERP were implemented and used in SMEs. Features that have been highlight through data analysis in this chapter include the integrated development language environment, customization, multi-language and internationalization support, security, use of web forms as well as hardware and software changes influenced by ERPs. Additional information on these topics was gained through interviews.

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