Sample Essay

This project uses two methods to collect primary data that is required for the research. One of these methods is a survey questionnaire that includes both short and descriptive questions and is used to collect the major portion of primary data. The survey questionnaire is supplemented by personal interviews of individuals that allow for the inclusion of any other aspect not included in the questionnaire. The use of survey questionnaire enables the collection of individual pieces of information which can be analyzed independently or can also be studied together in to establish a relationship between them.

It also allows the researcher to gain independence from the hassle of conducting separate sessions with each participant for the collection of data.  The most effective use of the survey questionnaire is in large groups. Hence, in this research the survey questionnaire will be distributed to a large group of selected professionals who work at both vendor and customer side and the data collected through this will be analyzed on aggregate basis justifying the use of survey questionnaire for this research. The use of interview allows for the inclusion of additional information not covered in the questionnaire as well as building of a healthy relationship with the participants (Kumar 2005).

There are a number of sources available for this research which can be used as secondary data. These include the internal documents used by the software house that I work in along with product manuals and guides. For external sources libraries, the Internet, journal, magazines and reports are used. In addition, the research also uses information from the websites of large credible organizations such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.

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