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Data collection is regarded as an important aspect of every research. The data, for analysis or evaluation of a hypothesis, is gathering mainly through two different sources. These sources are characterized as primary and secondary sources of data collection. The presence of these sources is important for a researcher to conduct the research as the data that is not collected in an appropriate manner directly affects the result. The primary and secondary sources are described below:

3.4.1 Primary Data

Primary data represent the data set used in research that is collected particular for the research. Primary data has no existence prior to the research. The use of primary data offer several advantages as compared to secondary data. First, the primary data is much more related to the problem at hand, as it is collected for that very purpose. The primary data is presumed to be accurate and enough to meet the researcher’s need for data. However, the use of primary data collection method also offers several disadvantages. For example, the collection of¬†relevant as well as accurate data, conversion of the data into information as well as the analysis and interpretation of data is often lengthy procedure and often restricts the exercise of the research which may have to resort to secondary data in order to carry our further data collection in a quick manner. Another disadvantage of using primary data is the cost involved. The research may require professional help to design effective survey questionnaire. Furthermore, cost may also become a significant factor if the data collection requires a lot of travelling.¬† A number of data collection methods can be employed by the research and the collection of data is based on the final objectives of the research.

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