Sample Essay

Who owns New Media and how do these corporations differ from the old media conglomerates? What is the Digital Divide and why is that problematic in the debate over media consolidation? What is the Net Neutrality and the risks of restricted net access? Provide two examples of how media corporations are restricting either content or access on the web. Describe two alternative means of net distribution and how this may affect the debate over net neutrality?

New media is owned by a conglomerate of companies who are completely separate from the conglomerate which consisted of the old media. The companies which form the new media conglomerate include companies such as Google, Microsoft, EBay, and Face book, etc. While the old conglomerate consisted of companies such as General Electric, Time Warner, Disney, Viacom and News Corp. The main difference between these two providers is found when we consider the content that is provided by both these corporations. While the old conglomerate was more focused on delivering content to the consumers which was exclusively made and marketed by these corporations and thus exerted control over the content which the consumers were exposed to. The new media merely acts as facilitator of user generated content. They are not completely responsible for the creation of the content they provide, however they do provide a service which allows users to contact each other and freely share information and content with minimal or no interference.

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