Sample Essay

The study found that not only were women more defined and assured of their career choices, but their personality traits were more circumstantial in deciding their occupational choices. Women preferred work in the profession which brought them more personal experiences with the patients while men tended to choose aspects of the profession which were more technologically minded (Buddeberg-Fischer, et al,  2003).

From the information that is given above it can be clearly seen that personality traits though grouped into separate categories are in fact ever changing in nature across interactions with other people or in different situations. In pursuit of their career goals there is a fundamental difference which is noted between men and women defined by these personality traits. As mentioned above in the study on Swiss medical student’s women find themselves to be far more influenced by their internal struggles rather than any outward influences. 60 percent of women as opposed to 42 percent of men found that they had intrinsic hurdles which prevented them in being more successful in scientific careers while men were seen to be far more self-sustaining than women in the field, requiring less emotional support from relatives, family members and friends than women in the same profession (Sonnert and Holton 1995).

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