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AIDS is globally considered to be a fear factor amongst the young and old alike. One of the leading apprehensions for those advocating against AIDS is unprotected sex, a phenomena which appears to be affiliated with the better version of school life. Impressed by the subtle and occasionally not so subtle remarks being broadcasted on TV, teenagers find themselves amidst developing hormonal tendencies which lead to spontaneous sexual endeavors.

Given how a choice in the context of sex particularly with regards to the prevention of the AIDS pandemic can prompt a reaction of uneasiness within those who commute to college every day, there is no doubt in the significance of indicating that the management based its decision of establishing condom dispensers in all the restrooms on campus particularly on grounds of health concerns even if that notion may be offset by the use of vending machines.

The students these days are even more compromised by an activity they refer to as hooking up, which according to a recent study is described as “a semi-casual sexual encounter without obligation” (Kalish, 2007). This united with the escalating amount of recreational drug use and alcohol abuse amongst college students only leads to more spontaneous sexual tribulations, so much so that the authorities at Camden County College were provoked to take constructive measures to avert the dangers of STDs, especially those that are terminal, from the students and lead to demise in most (if not all) circumstances. I have seen numerous instances in which the practice of hooking up has served to destroy the lives of many an aspiring students.

As a student at Camden College, I get to read several reports about the increasing rate of HIV infections across the globe and the lack of knowledge of the students repeatedly engaging in unprotected sex. The international health authorities such as the World Health Organization and the UN are forever advocating against unprotected sex to keep away from a comparable calamity of infections within the States that face Africa, where “infection rates are as high as 25%” (Leonard, 2006), so that, according to projections by the UN, the illness would have killed an estimated “100 million people by 2025” (Leonard, 2006)  (Jackson, 2007). No one argues that AIDS is a plague, but given how AIDS remains incurable with no considerable achievement in the progress of preventive vaccines in its wake, the urge to impose strategies to stop AIDS from spreading particularly within the sexually active youth sees the attention very often (Jackson, 2007). However, there are some facts that restrain the initiated from being truly hopeful, such as the notion of quadrupling the “U.S health care budget to U.S $42 billion by 2010” (Kallings, 2008) if one seeks to get rid of the illness totally from the country.

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