Sample Essay

They say it is more important to focus on the societal aspect of the use of this drug rather than the clinical aspect. People who use this drug knowingly use it despite knowing the consequences of their actions. And using a campaign that demonizes ecstasy will not have the same effect on everyone. It is much better to recognize why people use the drug and explore the reality behind it to find a solution.

That is the only way researchers will be able to convince them to stop using it. However they themselves have an advertising slogan that is counterproductive by their very criteria. This advertising slogan show a brain scan of a normal individual side by side with one who has taken ecstasy. Comparing how the brain scan of the individual who has taken ecstasy has far less activity than the normal one. Not only does this advertisement constitute a scare tactic according to the definitions set down by the NIDA experts. It also fails to mention that the brain scan of the ecstasy user comes from a habitual user of many drugs including heroin and cocaine. Additionally those very experts have said that the change in attitudes of the federal government towards the use of ecstasy although extremely necessary may have unexpected consequences. What those consequences are is not known as of yet (Vastag 2001).

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