Sample Essay

 Independent and dependent variables (Independent and dependent variables are related to one another. The dependent variables in the analysis of the data encompass ‘ten specific self-reported offenses and an offense index’ (Field & Mears, 2002, p.22).

The independent variables consist of ‘measures of age and delinquent peer association’ (Field & Mears, 2002, p.23). The independent part would be used by the experimenter in order to perform the experiment with changes. The dependent variable , for example, ‘cheating’ or ‘using marijuana’ (Field & Mears, 2002, p.24),  can be changed with incurring of changes in the changes in independent variable, for example, ‘Age 13’ or ‘Age 19’ (Field & Mears, 2002, p.24), as the dependent variable depends on the outcome of the independent variables. 

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