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Walcott’s inspiration comes from Homer, Dante and other literary legends but he inserts his own idiosyncracy in his verses that makes his work a step ahead to the classical authors. The poem is named on Omeros who is a blind man and enjoys a godly status among the villagers by advising them and guiding further because he has intuitive prowess that makes him the pivotal character of the epic.

Omeros, or Seven Seas, possesses remarkable perceptions and intuitions that he symbolizes Nature or some divine figure, as the poet describes his charimas that ‘last night there had been/ a full moon white as his plate’ and he ‘saw with his ears’[1] The poet thus wants to imply that those who live close to nature are able to perceive invisible things as they become representatives of Nature. It is interesting to look through the eyes of the poet as he draws the whole picture before the eyes like that of a painter. Where other poets use inanimate objects for symbolism and imagery, Walcott succeedes his contemporaries, as well as his predecessors, by using his characters to symbolise and help the readers to imagine

[1] Walcott 11

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