Sample Essay

Describing the history of Chiropractic from its earliest roots to the profession it is today

A form of health care which has gained popularity over the years since its inception is Chiropractic. The field was originally described by its creator Canadian born Daniel David Palmer as a healing science which did not constitute the use of drugs. Since then its definition has gone through many changes over the years. In 1998 the field was known as a system which defined the condition of the nervous system as the primary factor which determined someone’s health. While the most recent definition founded in 2003 sees it as a division of health care whose primary emphases is the connection the body has with a person’s health particularly in the case of the spinal column and its functions (Ernst 2008).

Even though Chiropractic is viewed today as an alternative form of medicine and also seen as an illegal form of medical treatment in certain countries, there are still countries around the world which not only acknowledge the effectiveness of this field but also see its potential as a concurrent option with standard therapeutic treatments (Ernst 2008).

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