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This book is appropriately titled an Encyclopedia because it provides details accounts on a comprehensive list of topic in telecommunications. The selected section of the book provides a good read on remote control software. It starts by providing a short introduction of remote control software and then provides description of a number of functionalities that can be achieved by the user through the use of such software. Features that are discussed include Call back, Chat, Clipboard, Directory synchronization and file management, printing and printer redirection, drive sharing and mapping, emulation and scripting. This source would also be useful for the paper when discussing the features of remote desktop software.

NetOp. (2010). Insiders Guide to Evaluating Remote Control Software. Retrieved February 22, 2010, from NetOp Website:

This paper takes a look at remote control software functionalities that are important for organization in needs of a highly secure tool, which not only works across different platforms but also is scalable. This paper discusses how these considerations are important for any organization and highlights the features that should be looked at by organizations in remote desktop applications, to ensure the presence of security, cross-platform support and scalability. In providing this information, the paper also presents several examples to emphasize the importance of various points using real life situations. This paper would be a good source again to extract features of good remote control software which could be presented in the paper.

Richardson, T. (2009, November 24). The RFB Protocol. Retrieved February 22, 2010, from Real VNC Website:

This is a version document of the RFB (Remote FrameBuffer) protocol which is used by VNC to provide remote access to graphical user interfaces. The paper is key source of information on the protocol and discusses in details its various parts, different types of messages that are part of the protocol, encodings as well  how the protocol works to enable the sharing of desktops on remote systems. VNC is popular remote desktop control software which would be very important to be discussed in the paper. This paper would act as an excellent resource for providing the details of working on VNCViewer in the paper.

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