Sample Essay

Customer loyalty is priceless, we believe in building relationships where Destiny Daycare is not business it is a responsibility and we see it as a step forward in building new relationships. We provide daycare services which helps your child’s development both academically and socially.  We are located at the heart of the city with a very pleasant and conducive environment.

The primary objective of the centre is to provide quality child care services in a safe and secure environment. We are open for admissions from ages 2-4 year with the cheapest rate in the market.

Destiny’s core competency is our trained and experienced staff that helps in the development of your child with the best of their abilities. They are kept busy with different exercises that keep their mind busy, also a part of day is solely dedicated to playtime.

Located near military encampment, our target customers will be the infants belonging to military personnel. The reason for that is, as we know that military people are usually posted around the country and it is quiet difficult to carry their children everywhere. They have to move around the whole country throughout their time in service, so Destiny Daycare is the perfect solution for their problem.

Also while traveling too much the child’s education is effected and they might get disturbed with the continuous changes in their environment. Destiny daycare is the solution for all your problems. From babysitting to nurturing and development to make them strong for the future we have got it all under the guidance of experienced and qualified staff.

As the company grow up with reputation in the market with a proven track record in the daycare industry, marketing would be done by word of mouth from parent to parent, and when the centre would stand on its own newspaper ads or promotional schemes or billboards are also an option.  Promotions could also be done by arranging A day with the parent in which we call the parents to the centre so that they can see from their eyes how their child is being treated.

Why choose Destiny daycare? We focus mainly on quality such as the group size, the classroom space and the equipment that are used at our centre. As written before our core competency is our trained and experienced staff which gives your child a feel at home. Also the rates that we charge are the cheapest in town with no compromise on your child’s security and growth.

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