Sample Essay

Essay: Family type determinants vary from culture to culture means that the same family system is not for everyone. In the Asian block of there is a high trend of extended families living together where up to three generations live together. This gives the children an extra bit of attention from the elders that are present in the house at the disposal of the children. Comparatively in the Western society the nuclear family system is followed largely.


There is a famous saying that says that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. The family provides both a sense of protection and pride for an individual and without a doubt it is the single most important factor that transforms an infant into a well recognized individual. Family has an everlasting impact on an individual’s life. The family system should be like this that is should promote communication between the family members and foster a healthy relationship between the siblings and other members of the family. It should be seen as an institution where everyone learns from each other’s experiences that is why there is so much emphasis on family communications.

Apart from that family also plays an decisive role in making a good society reason being societies are made up of families, so a good family can give good individuals to the society. It develops the social responsibility in an individual about how to lead his life in a way that would serve in the betterment of that individual and the society as well.

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