Sample Essay

Literature review:

As the time is evolving and new technological advancements are being observed similar case is with that of mobile phones. The mobile phone industry is experiencing a shift from the 2G mobile phones to the 3G mobile phones (Benady 2002). This means that now a mobile phone will not only be used as device for speaking but it would be a gadget which would allow the consumer to use a variety of different services like for instance access to the internet, MMS, multimedia etc. The success of this 3G would primarily depend on how the company transfers the real benefits of this technology to the consumers (Pakola 2004).

Consumer behavior:

Typically the buying behavior of a consumer is dominated by the mental and social processes which lead towards the buying action. The behavioral sciences help in answering question like, why people choose one product over another, how does they make their choices etc. The key here for companies is how they use this knowledge to provide value to the customer in a profitable way. This five step model is frequently suitable for decision making for rational problem solving behavior and the gist of most of the behavioral theories ends up with these five points (Dorsch, Grove, and Darden 2000).

  • Problem recognition
  • Information search
  • Alternative evaluation
  • Purchase decision
  • Post purchase behavior

Problem recognition:

This is the first step towards analyzing the consumer behavior. This step is the most crucial as in our case that is the mobile industry companies should be able to foresee consumer’s perceived need.

Information search:

The second step in this regard is the information search, in this section the customer intelligence or the CI plays a very important part. Customer intelligence is the part of creating a CRS customer relationship strategy which aims at analyzing information to get a better understanding of the customer attribute. In terms of mobile market the CI would help the organization to identify the past buying patterns of the consumer. What were the factors that lead a particular segment of customers to buy a certain product over another?

Alternative evaluation:

In this step the company is more focused on assessing the values of the product. The company already has the information regarding the consumer’s criteria for purchasing now in the light of this evaluation they have to create a consumer value perception. Like for example, a particular group of customer prefers using a certain product because of its portability or because of its price.

Purchase decision:

The purchasing decision is based on three fundamental questions from whom to buy, when to buy, and when no to buy. The analysis of this step is also based on the CI which would provide the company information about the consumer’s buying decision. Another very important thing which effects the consumer purchasing decision is the value that they are getting out of it. This means that before purchasing every customer has a perceived value about that product. The job of the company is to make sure that the customer has got a positive perceived value about their product that it would serve their cause.

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