Sample Essay

The first development was the formal split between China and Russia. The Soviets followed the same communist principals that China did, but had growing differences in ideology ever since the late 1950s. China officially announced the split when they termed them The Revisionist Traitor Group of Soviet Leadership. The advent of this split was a key to China’s foreign policy makeover. In 1961, a Chinese delegation visiting North Vietnam’s capital Hanoi warned of rising insurgents in the South and factored into the makeover as well. In 1962, Chiang Kai Shek’s threats of invasion from Taiwan allowed China to reopen the dialogue pertaining to the benefits derived from world war as opposed to peace.

Mao Tse-Tung, who had taken a sideline during this time, re-emerged with his strong persuasive leadership skills and military prowess to advocate a more activist approach to foreign policy. Thus, 90,000 rifles were sent to North Vietnam to help fight the insurgents (Prados). In Spring of 1963, the first military advisory panel was sent to North Vietnam as aid. This was a first in a series of backdoor Chinese confrontations that though Americans had predicted in their intelligence reports, at the hands of CIA and the likes, especially at the time when they were considering invading Laos, were failed to be addressed in the appropriate fashion.

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