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Essay: Diabetes Knowledge Scale | Term Paper Queen

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Using direct and indirect methods, measurements were made in the study. Indirect methods included that use of the Diabetes Knowledge scale and Compliance behavior questionnaire as well as collection of socioeconomic data. Direct measurements included physiological findings. Though the instruments measure the study variables, they are far too sensitive to be used in a sample of such a small size and thus interfere with the results.

The testing apparatus is not provided, nor are details of the techniques employed. Validity and reliability of these instruments are discussed though not in detail. The researcher does not revisit this factor in his analysis of the data and considers the data to be reliable. The physiologic measures share many of the same issues and factors related to the efficacy of this methodology is mentioned though not discussed in detail. 

The forms used to collect the data are not provided in the study, though the data itself is provided in a statistical form where the researcher believes it is applicable. No information is given on data collection to discern its effectiveness or ethicality.

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