Sample Essay

The research study is quite thorough in providing background information regarding the importance of this topic in terms of geographical prevalence of the disease. The scope of the study is also narrow enough and unique enough that it can supplement other studies of this type without offering evidence which has a high degree of overlap.

The Literature Review provided for this study is quite thorough in providing a statistical analysis of the metabolic disorder in question and the problems associated with its complications in society. Several other studies have also been referenced regarding the exploration of factors which form the relationship between the patient’s knowledge of Diabetes and his health status. The studies also have a regional basis providing legitimacy to the issue and why the study is being carried out as well as mentioning other facets of this research which have not been explored before. What the literature review does not provide is a causative analysis between provision of diabetic education and failure of compliance. No reasons are provided as to why patients may fail to integrate the knowledge into their daily lives, nor are such factors discussed in any form or detail. This is despite the fact that one of the aims of the study is to derive the factors which can increase compliance among patients.

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