Sample Essay

The international Headache Society in 1988 produced a classification system for the diagnosis of migraines which has been subsequently adopted by the World Health Organization known as the International Classification of Headache disorders (ICHD). According to the provided classification there are six major categories into which migraines may be divided.

Of these two are considered to be of the greatest importance, migraines with and without auras. Migraines with auras are subdivided according to the presence of a typical aura associated with a migraine headache or a non migraine headache or without any headache whatsoever. Further divisions include migraines of a basilar or sporadic hemiplegic nature. Other forms of migraine are characterized by childhood symptoms which serve as migraine precursors such as cyclical vomiting, abdominal migraine and benign paroxysmal vertigo of childhood. Retinal, portable and migraine complications such as status migrainosus, migrainous infarction and migraine triggered seizures constitute the remaining main symptoms (Lipton & Bigal, 2006).

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